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Payment Policy for all school dues

All Tuition Fee is payable in Thai Baht only.

All fees and Dues are non transferable.

Refund Policy

The admission fee is non refundable. The tuition fee is refundable under special consideration only.

Request of refund must be made in writing to the school administration for consideration.

*No Fees or School Dues are refundable after the first four weeks of the academic year has started.

Over due payments

  1. The school will charge a surcharge of 500 Thai Baht per day for school fees and dues paid after the due date.
  2. If the tuition fee and other school fees are not paid with in 10 days of the semester commencing, Kincaid reserves the right to bar the student from attending classes. Such students will need to be re-enrolled should the parents wish for the students to continue at our school. Should a late tuition fee date be required by parents due to financial difficulties, the school will consider a late tuition fee payment schedule but the parents are required to inform the school administration in writing well in advance.