Download Price List 2022-2023

Tuition Fee and Other Dues

Academic Year 2022 – 2023


Total annual Fee High School 155,000/-
Total annual Fee For Elementary 145,000/-
Total annual Fee For Kindergarten (K-3) 125,000/-
Total annual Fee For Kindergarten (K-1, K-2) 115,000/-
Total annual Fee For Nursery 105,000/-
Yearly General fee 40,000/- *Non Refundable
Registration Fee 30,000/- *Non Refundable
Application Form and Processing Fee(Once at the time of applying) 2,000/- *Non Refundable


For siblings of Kincaid students already enrolled:

2nd Child 10% off the Tuition fee.

3rd Child 20% off the Tuition fee.